Account issue, my account frizzed. i can't withdraw

Hi, I’m new with status wallet and be luck i got 10 ETH in mining pool, to withdraw that amount i should recharge the wallet with 5000 usdt, as per the advice from customer service,
however, i did the recharge with 5000 usdt and then i did the withdraw and I wait 24 hours to added that amount to my wallet, but nothing happened!!
when i asked the customer service they advise that my account has frizzed and I can’t withdraw the amount because my wallet is new!!! and i already informed the customer service that I’m new in statues wallet but they didn’t inform me that my account will be frizzed!!!
now my issue is that my account frizzed and i can’t withdraw the amount. please resolve for me that issue urgently, coz really i do like the app and i don’t want to go to another app.

Hi, my wallet frizzed and I can’t withdraw and transfer money, I need solution please. Any one can help?

Have you do something with app via status browser?

Actually, my account and wallet is new, and when i do transfer and withdraw big amounts suddenly they freeze the account, coz it big amount I think, but even it’s big amount why they should frizz the account!!! They made this app to keep our crypto in even big amounts???
Now, what I should do to unfreeze my account?

i do withdraw from browser usdt but still moderated since 18/04/2023. but they frizz coz big amount as per the information from help center. !!!

hello, how i can complete account verification.?

Guys, how i can reach an in charge person for this app, it’s supper urgent!!!
Because the customer service didn’t support me to solve my problem!

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