Allowing to connect to any node for dev mode

This will allow me to connect to my local ganache node via proxy url. I think it’s currently only supported feature by LETH

Hey @Makoto it’s possible to connect to ganache node, and recover the first account, it’s not obvious but it’s possible, better to create an issue and we’ll develop it in a proper way, so now you can recover account using ganache’s 12 worlds, enable dev mode. go to network settings, press “+” , enter name and url (make sure you entered “http”, not “HTTP”) and save, choose this network, and re-login , and you will see 100eth in the wallet

there are some issues in latest develop, so yeah, we need this for sure, better to file an issue and we’ll implement it properly, thanks @Makoto

Done. Issue # 4817 (I cannot copy&paste url)


hey @Makoto, implemented, will be in next release

Nice! When is next release?

@Makoto now! …

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Hi, I am having issue adding my ganache node running on a computer on my local network as a custom network.

After setting it up, when I click the connect it tells me the following:

“Specified network id doesn’t correspond to network id by RPC url”

I tried it by inputing the chain id as decimal: 1337 and as hex (0x539) but the same issue appears.

I also confirm that the chainId entered is correct and work in other web3 browser.