Ambassador Program: Re-Boot

We are rebooting the Ambassador program ahead of v1 based on learnings from the first iteration (Statusphere) and knowledge shared by @Hutch.

A few of us got together in Istanbul and discussed where the previous program fell short and what it will take to create and active community.

With the support of the core group in the #statusphere channel, we plan to relaunch the program ahead of the v1 launch and help this group of people with info, resources, and support to drive greater awareness of the release and future initiatives.

A detailed breakdown of work in progress can be found in this doc

At a high level, the re-launch will consist of:

  1. Landing page - home for the program and destination for inbound campaign comms. Designs below.
  2. Application Process - via google docs, then follow up phone calls as a personal welcome to the program
  3. Task management - public wekan boards managed by someone from our team. Ambassadors will be required to define an actionable task and add it to the board. Will include suggested tasks, projects, ways to get involved for newcomers
  4. Reward & Recognition - swag, SNT, NFT’s and other tangible things to reward active ambassadors. Social recognition on our channels (potentially a future leaderboard)

Design - here is an initial landing page design made by our awesome community member and designer Melvin. The intent is to keep it simple, clean, agnostic and encourage open source design iteration, updates, and changes organically. Through bounties, challenges, and initiatives, the design can evolve into a truly community owned property.

Feedback welcome and encouraged


cc @BrianXV @Warsoverjohn1 @yalu @tbenr @krisc @Chopstick00 @Lalo


Looking good! I like the idea of a leaderboard. I previously looked into badgification for other projects I’ve been involved in. These could go beyond simply an image next to your username - perhaps short run stickers or embroidered patches for those who contribute in certain ways? I haven’t really seen many tech communities doing this yet and I think it’d really engage the 'gotta catch ‘em all’ mentality a lot of folks have. And the name “Status Scouts” does have a nice ring to it…

Follow up: A token standard exists for this kind of thing already.