Berlin Blockchain Week

Oops didn’t see, there is livestreaming, I guess on YouTube and there will be a video afterwards I guess.

I’d appreciate a DappCon ticket Rajanie! Though, if others want to go, I’d happily forgo. Don’t think I can overstate the value of connecting with other projects and I’m already getting my share of mingling:)


Sure, I will send you one shortly.

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Hi Everyone: ETHBerlin start tomorrow. I have a ticket but I wont be at the hackaton for most of the event, so happy to share my ticket - Just let me know if you want it and when!

Was really awesome to see you mingling at Ethberlin @hester :slight_smile: I only got to catch you from afar but interacting with the community is super important and you looked right at home, would love to hear your experiences with the teller network / UX sessions!