Blog Structure & Guidelines Proposal for Discussion

Status has a new blog portal. The initiative was started for the following reasons

Centralized, proprietary silo censorship.

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This looks spot on to me. I think it is really important we launch the blog with good content pre-populated so we really need articles from the core team. The beauty of this platform is that anyone can post and share. We really need to make sure people buy into this and share their work. Other wise, it is just a similar situation to medium in which marketing is trying to pull content from the team.

Also one thought I had…I had a discussion with the growth marketing lead from digital ocean and he mentioned their blog is one of their biggest assets in terms of lead gen. They produce A TON of content for devs with the goal of increasing SEO value of their site. Would Ghost be able to serve this same value? Or no because it is hosted on a subdomain?

If not, thats fine, but then I would suggest we make it very easy to navigate to from all articles and top level pages and maybe even mimic the site in terms of design/header/footer.

awesome input!

  1. i will encourage a culture of posting by paying attention to our slack & discuss forum & creating content either under my name or with collaborators.
  2. YES, can totally serve that seo purpose - you can put the root url ALSO in every SEO card of the post, not only blog title url & tags.
  3. so, i will add status as a top-level menu item, and we can definately modify header & footer with main property & others (wiki, github, discourse, etc) links!
  4. so, yeah, just need someone with code chops to adapt design. Any Takers?

In seeing the behaviour of discourse integration with ghost, i see that anytime someone clicks on “discuss” on a post on the blog that doesnt have a discussion happening on discourse, that a topic is created on discuss. I’m concerned about whether it is meaningful to drive comments on blog posts to the instance of discourse without introducing spam and moderation problems.

I’ve been deleting the posts created here by the discuss bot, am considering turning off the integration.

Really awesome stuff @exiledsurfer - big fan of your work here. Agree broadly with Jonny’s comments, and it would be great to chat further with that DO guy again once we have some solid contributions up there about how best to encourage more.