Chaos Unicorn Day, April 1 2019 (aka kill our cluster)



Hallo ! For april the 1st I am running a node, please try it out:


Nice, I’ll be sharing my node on the day via twitter as well. Here’s a guide on how to get this up and running on ARM:


chaos-mode setting & blocked etherscan and cryptocompare are added here

Checking CUD flag & warning
will be added in this PR


In attempt to promote Chaos Unicorn day I put in a song request on Crypto Blood’s YouTube channel (it’s a thing he does) and I mentioned Chaos Unicorn day in the request. He played the song and shows my comment on screen 0:13 but didn’t mention the day. Hopefully people were watching the screen and not just listening.


For people who just got linked to this thread, here’s the live thread ----> Chaos Unicorn Day LIVE Discussion