Confidence in Status app - weekly poll



+1 to figuring out what to do with the feedback before gathering any more. Based on the recent discussions in this thread, I think it makes sense to hold off on this week’s survey in favour of making a plan about whether there’s a better option to report issues in the app.

Let me know what works best for you all in terms of gathering feedback, and how I can help!


Thanks everyone who completed the survey on Friday :raised_hands:t2:, I’ve highlighted the latest batch of feedback in yellow in the responses spreadsheet. cc @igor


My plan with Igor was to send out this survey to check in on feedback aligned with each new mobile release. According to my calendar that’s coming up soon. With Igor now being gone, I’m not sure that this still makes sense, but lmk if you’d like me to run the survey again to get some more feedback. Cheers!