Core contributor stories - tell us yours!

Hi there!

We’re doing some work on updating our Status presence on job platforms (e.g. We realised that many candidates applying to us have lots of questions around the day-to-day experience of being a CC - how work gets done, from where do people work, who would be their coworkers, etc.

To make Status a bit more real for people, we’re looking to generate some content to be added to our jobs page, with stories and pics from real core contributors. The idea is not to make something overly polished, or give a hard sell - just our real voices and stories (the good and the bad).

To that end, we’re looking for volunteers for three separate bits of content:

  1. Quotes - give an answer to either of these questions:
    1. Why did you chose to work at Status?
    2. What you enjoy the most about working at Status?
  2. A story/narrative about your your first few months at Status (~1-2 paragraphs) e.g.:
    1. How did you get up to speed?
    2. Expectation vs reality
    3. How was the learning curve?
    4. What helped you succeed?
    5. What advice would you give to new core contributors?
  3. Being profiled in a “day in the life of” blog post. Would be nice for this to be quite visual so looking for someone to take 4-5 pics of their day (work & things you do around work) plus give a brief diary of how your workday looks. Idea is to give a glimpse into the everyday - breaks, meetings, focused work, whatever it looks like for you.

Shout if you’re interested in taking part (and/or if you have other ideas!)

Cheers, c

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