Devcon5 (Osaka October 8-11) - Speaker Applications


Hey All,

With Devcon5 approaching, lets discuss what topics we can present and make sure Status is represented.

Anyone is welcome and encouraged to present on any area they like. We have just set up a calendar invite in the Status Calendar to discuss and coordinate potential topics. The call will be next Wednesday June 12 @ 9am ET

Feel free to join if you like. No pressure if you do not wish to present. This is simply to get the ball rolling and ensure we are prepared for October



For aspiring presenters: applications for talks, workshops and breakout sessions are now available for those looking to present on stages of all shapes and sizes.

Applications for builder and student discounts, scholarships, sponsors, and press are all live at! There are additional funding opportunities to support the scholarship program - contact [email protected] for more information.


Thanks for sharing @naghdy

To all those interested in applying–remember, we have set up a call to discuss topics, process, and coordinate next steps.

Wednesday June 12 @ 9am ET
Invite is in the shared Status calendar


Hey All,

Thanks @hester @guylouis @decanus @oskarth for joining the call yesterday. Quick Recap:

  • If you plan to apply to speak, please do so by the end of the month "Applications will be accepted through June 30 at 2:59 AM EDT"
  • We are not planning to sponsor Devcon5 (due to cost and roi) this year so will not be given an allotment of tickets. Accepted speakers are given a ticker so please apply
  • Anyone can submit a talk on any subject matter of interest. Themes and session types can be found here
  • The Devcon Programming panel tries to keep talks educational and fair to all projects so we should not submit all talks under the Status name. For example, Guy-Louis & Andrea should submit under Keycard, Jacek & team under Nimbus, etc…
  • Talks should be educational and informational in nature. Self serving / promotional talks tend not to be accepted (many prominent projects and initiatives had talks denied last year)
  • @ceri @rajanie can we start a doc similar to what we had last year to keep track of applications and potential travel to Osaka. This will give us a sense of travel/accom budget to be mindful of.

@cryptowanderer - you were on the application panel last year correct? Do you have a good sense of what they look for in a good application?


Yes - Created this doc outline and we can use this


Here is a doc I started for a speaking idea:


Hey All,

Friendly reminder that Devcon5 speaker Applications will be accepted through June 30 at 2:59 AM EDT. So far:

  • Dean and Oskar are working on a talk for the messaging protocol research
  • Corey has been suggested / invited to sit on a Security Panel
  • Iuri has been invited to apply to speak on Embark


Nimbus team working on nimbus submission