EIP831 - URI Format for Ethereum, in Status

Topic to discuss about the proposal of adopt EIP831 for various use-cases inside Status, such as linking stuff inside status, as extensions, chat rooms, user profiles, bootnodes, and other.

Can be used in:

  • QRCode,
  • chat messages
  • dapps links
  • ?

The way the elements inside of the ERC831 path described in the examples are up to improvement.

1. Profile link:

Only username (for stateofus.eth subnodes only):

Complete ens domains:

2. Public chat:


Public chat message permalink

Exclusively public chat messages can have a permalink which contains needed information to ask history nodes for the contents.

3. Private message:

Optional, redundant to Profile link
Only username (for stateofus.eth subnodes only):

Complete ens domains:

4. Group chat join key

Might not be applicable.

5. Watch token (by link)

ethereum:token:erc20:snt.thetoken.eth:SNT:Status Network Token:18

6. Bootnodes

ethereum:status:bootnode:enode://e8a7c03b58911e98bbd66accb2a55d57683f35b23bf9dfca89e5e244eb5cc3f25[email protected]

7. History nodes

ethereum:status:historynode:enode://da61e9eff86a56633b635f887d8b91e0ff5236bbc05b8169834292e92afb92929dcf6efdbf373a37903da8fe0384d5a0a8247e83f1ce211aa429200b6d28c548:[email protected]:30504

8. Status Extensions

current: status-im://extension/[email protected]
proposed: ethereum:status:extension:[email protected]

9. web3 plugins

ethereum:plugin:[email protected]

10. other/more ?

What more we can permalink in status using EIP831?

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looks like status is ready to use ipfs as a hard dependency, currently the ipfs gateway is already blocked by China GFW, status mass adoption in China would be really hard…

Hey, thanks for the details on China.

We don’t plan to use IPFS as a hard dependency. Here it was used just as example, but we should support also SWARM, or other that might appear.

What would you suggest as decentralized file storage that works in China?

i don’t know, what i know is most of exposed public ipfs gateway has been blocked by GFW. it’s a big pressure as a software engineer, u can only access very limited resource without vpn…and most of normal Chinese don’t even know what vpn is

Ahh, I see. It should be possible for china to run their own nodes, so it should be possible to use IPFS there, but not through a gateway.

The plan for web3 is to support multiple storage platforms: https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-1577 . I’ve seen DApps stored on IPFS, DApps using Swarm and even using DAT protocol ( https://github.com/beakerbrowser/beaker/ )

Thats why extensions/plugins have defined what is the type storage used.