Engagement with Jono Bacon

Hi! You probably have heard about our collaboration with Jono Bacon. This post is to keep you updated on the engagement and the work coming out of it.

In short - Jono is a stellar community builder, and he’ll be sharing his wisdom on how Status can better engage, collaborate with, and serve, the community of contributors around it.

So far, the engagement is in its ~4th week, and is primarily in the discovery & high-level goal setting phase. There are short weekly calls all together (Jono/Carl/Jarrad/Jonny/People Ops), and Jono has also been reaching out to various core contributors to find out more about Status and how things work.

Weekly meeting notes will be updated here if you want to follow along, and updates will be added to this thread from time to time. Shout if any questions, comments, or if you’re keen to get involved!


No meeting since the last, but plan is to check in again later this week.

What we’ve been working on - Jono has drawn up a doc with high level objectives.The idea is to discuss these tentative objectives with a view to fine tuning them eventually into a strategy (i.e. they’re not yet set in stone). Broadly:

Target personas are devs building Dapps with Embark, and a wider tech audience.

High-level proposed focus areas are:

  1. Optimise the Embark developer experience
  2. Optimise community communication channels
  3. Have a content, social, and events calendar (for dev awareness)
  4. Build dev community growth and participation
  5. Consolidate project branding.

Shout if you want to know more, or if you have any questions. Cheers, c

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