Governance Discussion: Re-distribution of ENS Token Allocation

Alright, I’m back from my time off, which was very much needed after 4 years of work. I’m sorry this wasn’t taken care of before I left, self care took a priority. Apparently this is my problem since I brought it up in the first place.

Let’s get a few things clear before I give an update on the state of things.

These tokens were given to the Status Organization for the early contributions and integrations with ENS. Period. So I would appreciate the hyperbole in this thread about theft and greed to stop. Looking at you @6ft7dontball. A case can very easily be made that the rightful owners are the developers of of the feature, and if the ENS team felt that subdomains were the rightful owners they would have included them in the original airdrop. Chill, you’ll get your ENS because WE AS STATUS feel that they should go to you and others like you for your early use of the feature. Has any other large ENS subdomain holder done this?

I’ve also heard that this is just an easy thing to do and complaints that it hasn’t been done yet. While I agree that there should have been more work from us at Status to get this finished, it certainly isn’t easy. If it were so easy, why haven’t any of you who are sitting around waiting done anything? It’s easy? Right? I’m looking at you @cyy_ok. Chill, you’ll get your ENS.

This situation was thrusted upon us on top of the tremendous amount of work we are trying to do. I’m sorry if things take longer than expected, but rest assured we aren’t all sitting on ass. We’re all working to put out software that respects your rights and privacy. Situations like this take our attention away from that work, and we do it BECAUSE WE THINK OUR PRINCIPLES MATTER and you deserve to own these tokens.

I will admit there should have been more movement from the organization during my vacation to do something here, as well as from me before leaving. I was playing with burnout and stress so it got dropped, no one picked it up because it isn’t clear who this type of stuff falls upon. We’ll work to fix that within the organization.

Ok, here’s the update on current situation.

Work on the contracts has been underway, you can track that progress at this Github repo. I’ve been told tests are underway and the client-side application to the contracts is close to being ready to be tested. As this isn’t isn’t a small amount of value, I would like to take some time to test to make sure it works as intended and these funds aren’t stolen because of a simple bug.

I drafted everything and submitted it internally for corrections and additions. It seemed it was agreed upon but was never submitted to a vote. I’ll re-read it today and get it going so we have a vote. Funny enough, the vote seems more like a formality anyway as it seems that everyone agrees this is the way to go, or doesn’t want to spend time thinking about it but me and a few other folks. The only movement I’ve seen is people complaining it hasn’t happened yet outside of the contract work done by @gravityblast.

I’ll post a snapshot vote link in here later today as I finally have a window of non-meetings since I started back at work this month.

You can tell I’m not pleased with the current state of this situation, yet I’ll continue to work to get this done and distributed to you all, even though IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY JOB.

Chill, you’ll get your ENS tokens.


Here is the snapshot vote for this proposal, you have two weeks to vote starting today at 12:00 PM EST.


The voting is over, should the next step be to distribute ENS? When will it be divided?

Vote is over, we’re going to be distributing the ENS as per the proposal. If any of you have been following progress on the repo, we have the dapp pretty much ready to go.

Next steps are:

  • gather blockchain data (I’ll be doing this today)
  • calculate ENS per unique account (I’ll be doing this today)
  • test dapp to make sure it’s secure (over next week or so)
  • launch distribution dapp for ENS username holders to claim (after tests are complete and we deem it is safe, so you don’t get your funds stolen)

Stay tuned, although this thread is quiet, we are working on things to get ENS distributed. Trust me, I want this to be over more than you do.


This is very good. We know what you are doing, how the progress is, what problems are still being dealt with, and when the results will be expected. Thank you very much for your efforts. I think what the snt team lacks at the moment is this kind of effective communication, always saying that you are busy, but what are you busy with? What is the goal? anymore question? What can be achieved by what time point? None of this is known to us, so we can only assume that you are doing nothing. Instead of spending more time guessing what you are doing, you can just spend 10 minutes letting us know what you are doing?

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Thanks for all your efforts to let it happen.
And we can see your team’s recent forward-looking activities updated on twitter, great project and future.

Thank you for your hard work. I am sorry for whatever strain on you I may have contributed with my impatience.

Update: The contracts and front-end dapp are deployed to Rinkeby for testing. We’ll be going over a security review and testing it this week.


Thanks for the updates, congratulations on coinbase listing!

Update: The code that we are using was forked from popular airdrops in the ecosystem, but we have yet to find previous adequate audits of the codebase. In that light, we are currently working with Certora to get a more formal analysis of the codebase before launching to mainnet and getting your ENS distributed to you.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. The review will be published and I will keep you all updated on timelines.

Current estimation of completion is around 2 weeks, assuming we don’t find any serious glaring issues.


Good Afternoon, any updates on progress with ENS?

Hi Petty,
Thank you for all your hard work on this issue. Will a link to the ENS claim be posted here, or should we look for that elsewhere?

It’s been 20 days since the last post, isn’t it two weeks as planned? So far so far? Can you post it for everyone to know. Everyone has been paying attention to this matter.

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Corey, thanks for working on this and keeping things safe and secure!

hi, how about the progress now? thanks.

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We had a bit of a miscommunication with Certora on the agreement to get the codebase reviewed, which has resulted in a delay with getting the job done. I have no intention of submitting the codebase to mainnet before this is completed. It is now currently underway, rules to check have been reviewed and will be formally written up and ran late next week. Once this is done, it should be basically completed. Interestingly, although the codebase is relatively straightforward and small, the methods we’ve used to do it have brought up some interesting problems to solve when getting the smart contracts formally verified. I’ll write up a detailed description of this and tutorial of how to use Certora after this is all finished if anyone is interested.

The distribution list and amounts (a merkle tree) has been generated from the help of Dune analytics and is currently being reviewed for completeness and accuracy. We have to make sure the integrity of this part is 100% accurate so that each individual is capable of claiming the appropriate amount of ENS tokens, and no one gets left out.

All being said, we should be able to launch this thing and get the claiming process underway before I leave to DevConnect in Amsterdam and our all-hands in Dubai (18th of this month). If not, then I’ll have to work while on those trips to get it past the finish line. I’m very excited to get this done and off my plate.

I would also like to extend an apology to everyone for the constant push backs in timeline. It is mainly my fault, and I’ll take the blame for it.


Good evening Dr. Petty,

I’m only periodically checking in on this Governance Discussion and wanted to check to see if I missed an announcement or progress update? Hope all is well.

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You didn’t miss anything, the style of snt is like that, non-stop delay delay, I suggest you can check it again in 2 months.

Stahp. It’s a difficult situation. The Dr. is doing their best.

@petty hi, any update about the latest status? thanks.