Governance Discussion: Re-distribution of ENS Token Allocation

@petty yes we need update

Now that the time has come to May 16, how is the project going? Can you announce it to everyone?

hi, any update? any difficulty or problem pls just let us know and tell the plan, we prefer a two way communicated community. thanks.

This has reached a point of shame. At the very least the folks on this thread should have been updated with what is going on with ENS allocation. We started this in November, now 6 months later still nothing for the folks who believed and participated EARLY in SNT, this is how your treat us the base community? But hey now SNT is listed on coinbase so maybe now we can get the attention and RESPECT we gave to SNT.

You catch more flies with honey my guy

Flies, who? To belittle others is to belittle yourself.
Anybody can talk anything about the project itself in the community, but no need and no quality to judge any folks. So save the twisted words and mind yourself.

Sorry that is a saying that got lost in translation. To catch more flies with honey is to say that you get what you want when you’re nice to people, not when you’re mean. I wasn’t calling anyone a fly or trying to belittle anyone!

Ok, thanks for explain, and sorry about missunderstanding.

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Hello, Please be patient as there are many security issues that need to be tested and in place before the transactions can happen. Rest assured this is happening internally - Almost there.


Thanks @Ned and @petty for the work on this. Pumped about the work you’re doing. Can’t wait to get people off of Discord.

I wish this conversation was happening in the Status App…

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Check it out every month to see when the snt project team can drag on.

update: We’re going through a final round of mainnet testing and copy for the deployed dapp.

Will announce soon (within a week or two) with directions on how to claim and all pertinent details. Just trying to make sure it’s smooth and as easy as possible for folks while ensuring security of the underlying funds involved so everyone gets what they’re supposed to.

Apologies for radio silence, I’m swamped with my contractual obligations. Massive shoutout to @gravityblast and @hester for their support in getting this to the finish line.

As for Certora-based security testing, I’ll make a writeup of what we did and the things we’ve learned along the way at a later date. For now the priority is getting this thing started so you all can start claiming.



update: we’ve set July 5th as the official launch date, finally. Announcement articles and details to come in the following days.


update: You’ll now find the new section within our discussion forums for ENS Distribution. This section is for Frequently Asked Questions.

Use it before asking things.

More news to come leading up to announcement, also watch the Townhall on Monday for a demo walkthrough of using the dapp in Status Mobile.


Could someone post a link to the Townhall? I can’t seem to find anything on the discussion board. Hopefully recorded and posted to YouTube.

More info on DAPP instructions around 5 mins in.

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Live at

Go get em.


Ohhhh​:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: It was about time that I found the Link on how to proper claim the $ENS Airdrop​:bangbang: Indeed to we are 09/23/2022, it’s been almost a full year that those tokens could have been claimed and I’m here right now at the bottom of the Bear Market when those $ENS don’t woth much. But something is something, feel good to be in here. I’m atthemoment.stateofus.eth … feels like i should have chosen another name :confused: lol … anyway 7$ENS claimed successful… Thanks @petty

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