Hiring: Marketing Manager for Keycard

Please see the job spec here for a proposal to hire a Manager Manager for Keycard.

This marketing role would focus specifically on Keycard, and would help educate the broader crypto community and potential users on the potential of Keycard.

Please add questions, suggestions, etc here - especially if you have ideas on the spec itself, or recommendations of people that could be a good fit.


Hiring update on this role!

We’ve been busy with @guylouis taking a first look at applications received. We’re now onto a shortlist of ~10 people for a first interview with People Ops - we’re getting those interviews scheduled in this week between me and @rajanie. First interviews cover general content like remote work, Status values, the candidate’s work & crypto experience, and a bit more about how the day to day at Status looks.

@guylouis and @jonathan - for any candidates we think are a good fit for advancing beyond first interview, we’ll get those scheduled in with you two in parallel. We’ll check your calendars, please DM if you have any availability exceptions.

Cheers! C

cc @j12b


Hi All,

I’m applying for this role through a recruiter and have been doing some research and due diligence.

I really love the ethos and I share the values you have built for Status; I’m intrigued by the ‘flattened’ org structure, I’m excited to see how liquid democracy and swarm mindset actually function within a business setting. Lot’s to discuss!

In the way of proactive contribution, I’ve put together a brief growth audit of Keycard that I hope will prove a valuable resource for the team (with or without my core contributor employment).

Status Keycard Growth Audit:

Happy for any feedback or input and looking forward to speaking with some of you!

Morgan Schofield


Hey Morgan - welcome to the wonderful world of Status - thanks for your interest!

Adding a few folks that I know will be interested to review your work: @carl @guylouis @jonathan

Look forward to getting to know you.


Just wanted to check what your timelines here are? I wasn’t actually looking for a new challenge but somehow found your job offer and remembered about Status.

I have previously been in the blockchain field for over 6 years and took on a “normal startup project” recently. But it’s just not the same when centralised :frowning:

Also I’ve been trying to test the Status app, but it just says - Oops, this is not available any more.

Anyway, this is me, happy to chat - https://www.linkedin.com/in/liinalaas/

Hey @liinalaasb - welcome to Status! Nice to see you here, and thanks for applying :slight_smile:

Just wanted to check what your timelines here are?

We’d love to find someone for this role before the end of year holidays, and are still actively accepting applications and working our way through the different stages of interview.

All candidates should hear from us one way or another within the next couple of weeks, and we’ll certainly let people know if there’s any delay to that.

Also I’ve been trying to test the Status app, but it just says - Oops, this is not available any more.
Sorry to hear that! Feel free to email me with details and we can take a look: [email protected]

Cheers! Ceri

Thank you very much for the update, Ceri!

I will email you shortly, maybe it is user error by me but so far not able to get the app :smiley: