IPFS alternatives (SNT utility)


@igor if that can help I got the following info from a swarm team member:

Hi there @yenda
Timeout is defined in:
swarm/storage/feed/cacheentry.go, line 30, defaultRetrieveTimeout, currently set to 1 second.
However, you will have to also tweak lookahead/lookback times: (swarm/storage/feed/lookup/algorithm_longearth.go), lines 12 and 15. I suggest you set this at 1/4 of defaultRetrieveTimeoutto avoid too many search paths. (Setting it to 1/4 enables 4 simultaneous search paths, etc).
We are experimenting with these values, so let me know what you find out regarding a balance between lookup speed vs number of lookups to get there.

I would go with defaultRetrieveTimeout of 4 sec and lookahead/lookback of 1 sec for this first experiment