Kudos Rewards - building the Status Meritocracy


Nice! How about we work together on a kudos extension? There is a skeleton available here


Sure! just let me know how I can help!


If you could look at the extension I shared and try to see how to fill it that would be awesome! I am interested with extension feedback too.
Mostly contract details should be missing.


Played with it, and it worked for me like a charm. Obviously I sent you some kudos for this smart contract :wink:


Updated designs. Please share any comments here or on Figma:)

Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/SpOzKYfIb3x7HEGPLSC0x16b/Status-Meritocracy-HB?node-id=0%3A1

Reward: https://file.globalupload.io/QScG0LydJ5.png



Exploring the combination of an extension with a DApp.

Reward through Reactions: https://file.globalupload.io/oUPqSMxEAY.png

Reward through Commands: https://file.globalupload.io/yoaybIVpx6.png


I redeployed the DAPP and contract due to an issue reported by @ceri related to the withdraw button behavior!

Here’s the new URL and contract: