Making Embark more appealing


@iurimatias @PascalPrecht @jonathan @Ned the next iterations based on yesterdays feedback can be found here.

A couple of points:

  • The slate top left is the colour palette from the last sync and variations on the booster smoke and hexagon removed.
    – Then from L>R I’ve explored a few more palettes based on the muted, pastels we’d discussed and looked at refining the size and relation to the word mark.
    – Theres an option based on @PascalPrecht request to see the hexagon as a stroke and with it removed altogether.
    – The slate titled ‘No Mans Sky’ utilises a palette from @iurimatias mention, picked from this image

  • Typography is still open for debate, I’ve been using Overpass it also has a mono family.

Let me know your thoughts/opinions :slight_smile:


These look really nice @Alex - great work.

The hexagon as a stroke seems a bit too far for me. Keep in mind, we need to think how this logo can extend past simply standing on it own on a website. We need to think through variations for platforms like GitHub, Gitcoin, press releases, stickers, print, etc.

So the hexagon looks great but keep in mind all the various situations it must be able to live in. This applies for color as well. Do these color palettes lend themselves to print?

cc @Ned


My emotional impressions differ from jonny’s … i actually think the stroke is the most unique and clear design, like how the smoke forms it. It’s really like a space badge this way, reminds me of something in a space opera, a modern george jetson feeling, It really nails the aesthetic and emotional tone of playfulness and exploration that embark is about for me;

i agree with jonny that the colors arent yet there:
-for use on both light dark backgrounds, tho the colors all look great on dark bg’s.

  • i’d also like to see the logo in both positive / negative in pure black white with no color, as those versions will also be necessary in various usages both digital and in print.

Great explorations alex


Thanks @jonathan @exiledsurfer for the feedback.

Good point on the b/w versions, I’ve wrapped my head round some possible options when such a version is required for print or digital.

From a colour palette pov this is to some extent always going to be subjective. What I’ve done in the above is to see whether we can agree whether a mono, duo or tri colour way is best suited and possibly work from there? A couple of mono palettes are toward the bottom and work there way up to tri colour.

I’m aware @PascalPrecht and @iurimatias haven’t weighed in on the new iterations yet and they were both keen on the colours already set out in the initial iterations.


Hey everyone,

sorry for the late reply. @Alex I think we’re making really good progress with this, so thank you for putting this together and considering our last feedback iteration.

I have to say that it doesn’t seem to get easier though :smiley: these options look all pretty neat. A lot of my feelings about them probably boil down to personal taste and preference, so I’m not sure how much of a valid feedback that is.

Here are some thoughts:

  • In “Embark_Identity” I always seem to like the one with blue smoke and blue hexagon background in the top left slate the most
  • This however mostly on white background. On black background, the green-orangy colors seem to catch my attention the most. Not sure if it makes sense to make a decision based on that.
  • re: stroke hexagon: super happy to see that @exiledsurfer actually feels attracted to that one. I personally find that it seems to work better in b/w version. Specifically top/left slate, third row.

Shall we just make a vote here? I’ll also pass it on to the rest of the Embark team