Making Embark more appealing


Hey @timhartmann

thanks again for the update! Here are my thoughts and some feedback:

  • Docs
    • This looks all pretty straight forward
    • We will have some code snippets in the docs as well, not sure if it makes sense to design those too as we’ll probably just go with an existing syntax highlighting plugin
    • We’re planning on creating short videos that work as standalone content but also go well with parts of the documentation. So there’s gonna be embedded videos here and there in the docs, also here not sure if it makes sense to have this designed… We would just embed from Youtube I think
    • So one other thing I should mention here is that at some point we’d like to have some “landing page” for the docs. Right now what happens is that you’re ending up straight in the “Getting Started” guide. In the future there should be some landing page that shows you different sections that are available (Videos, Tutorials, Guides etc). Similar to what our friends over at Aragon are having - Anyways, just something to keep in mind, no action item intended here. Let’s get those designs implement first and build up from there
  • Community
    • This looks also pretty straight forward
    • I guess we’ll have to see what the exact copy is going to look like
    • The floating profile pictures are a nice idea, I think though that we should drop of for now maybe add such a thing once we know what tools we can use to generate those. Or we can leave it static for now but then we’ll have to decide what profile pictures go in there.
    • The core contributors section is nice too! But also here, if we don’t limit it to the core team for now, we’ll have to make this dynamic. So to get things down the road sooner than later, I’d vote for going with a static solution first

Actually, most of my comments aren’t design related at all haha. I guess we can move on with this.

@iurimatias @jonathan @Ned?


@BrianXV thanks for chiming in here! So the graphics are all considered placeholders at the moment until we get our own custom ones.


Thank you for the feedback. I totaly agree with you @PascalPrecht. We can add the new stuff later and the most of your points are only topics for frontend like code highlighting.

It sounds that we can start with development of these pages and iterate later or what do you think @jonathan @Ned @iurimatias?