Merry Merkle Goes to Africa


@cryptowanderer, would you want me to set up something like i did here for the berlin unconference? This would help people contribute and track contributions from various people, as well as share information on what’s going on.


Hi all!

OK, updates time:

  1. @gabriellemic and a friend have booked travel. @ceri is booking travel atm. Not sure about @kohola, @divan and @Alex - please DM me in Status today about details/costs etc to make sure we get it done ASAP because it is cheaper.
  2. @Simona - @petty is finishing up some changes for the site, should be up tomorrow or Wednesday. Would love to include a section on the book if you’re OK with that? It’s looking awesome and you are a rockstar.
  3. Our accommodation is booked and sorted. However, we need to be out by 10AM sharp on the 17th, so please arrange accordingly. You are, of course, welcome to lunch and chill with my family if you can only get a later/flight/bus/pet springbok.

GET EXCITED!! :heart:


So excited for this. Beyond grateful for this opportunity to meet these little humans, help the school and share this with you all <3

My flight info is here if that helps anyone to coordinate:

Arriving Sunday, 9 december at 20:20 in East London
Departing Tuesday, 18 december at 17:20 from East London

Those were the best dates with the flight prices but I think now they’ve also gone down for Monday the 17th too. If anyone is interested/needs to share lodging for that time beyond the so graciously offered accommodation at Gill’s, or for travel to/from Cintsa then let me know!

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • YES, absolutely add re book :smiley:

  • I am also keen to have that curation of educational dev material but I’m not certain we could do it in time (am checking)!

  • The posting parcels bounty is totally doable (need address) and the documenting the experience too.

  • We could also do something like this (the 45 sec video definition) or indeed the actual Decent bounty and it could maybe become part of the documentary (which would be pretty cool) - LMK thoughts


Please all be aware that you may need a visa to visit South Africa! Please check this ASAP.


Hey @cryptowanderer, I regret that I am so late to this but love everything about the event you are running. If spots are still open, I would join in person. I’ve never been to South Africa but have volunteered in Benin before. Let me know whether at this stage it’s better to help out in person or remote. Rock on!


You are more than welcome @rob :heart: We have one or 2 free spots still open (some due to visa issues…) Can you cover your own travel, or do you need some assistance from the Ether?


Brilliant! Thanks for this @cryptowanderer I’m excited to see the school firsthand (though you make quite a compelling case with words alone). I should be ok on covering my own travel. Would the date to arrive to SA be December 10th or would it be preferable to arrive the day beforehand?


December 10th is the one! See you in East London, South Africa :sunny:


Yay @Simona @gabriellemic - the website is alive!

And quite a bit before schedule. So, we can start winding things up a bit now in terms of getting together a proper plan for social and how we’re going to drive word of this thing to literally everyone in crypto :wink:

Let’s team up on bounties for social, bounties for videos, bounties for getting stationery to the school, bounties for people at ETHSingapore to hack something together that could help the school in some way - CryptoZombies for kids kinda thing…

With :heart: from Africa!



Glitter sparkle unicorn rainbow country flag map GIF to kick us off! :smile:


Awesome - how do we want to organize this re bounties? Map our descriptions and requirements and then I set them up? Happy to do that or Andy (once you’ve sorted out why creating bounties is not working for you :eyes:)


Hey @gabriellemic @kohola @ceri @rob @Alex - please can you write here (or send me):

  1. Your exact travel dates and times (i.e. when you are landing and leaving from East London Airport).
  2. Dietary requirements.

We’re getting into the home stretch here, and need to organise it all as best I can :wink:


Molweni! Really lookin forward to seeing y’all and meetin all these eager minds. My deets @cryptowanderer

  1. Depart LDN 09/12 15:00, Arrive ELS 10/12 17:25
    Depart ELS 19/12 09:00, Arrive LDN 20/12 07:45
  2. Not fussy, will eat anything.


Hi @cryptowanderer ,

I’ve booked my flights also.

  1. Arrive at ELS 10/12 @ 8:15 am
  2. Depart ELS 17/12 @ 12:30
  3. No dietary requirements


Our details @cryptowanderer -

Arriving Sunday, 9 december at 20:20 in East London
Departing Tuesday, 18 december at 17:20 from East London

No special requirements


Hey @rob @kohola still waiting for responses from you two. Ceri and Hester will update over the weekend hopefully. Here is a spreadsheet of dates and time so I can organise transport etc:

@Alex you’ll need to organise your own accommodation for the night of the 17th and 18th (and @gabriellemic for the night of the 17th). I was hoping to be able to host you all, but the house is already full. I suggest starting with (and have already called them to let them know we need some extra beds those nights).


Actually, scrap that @gabriellemic this awesome Afrikaans lady called Hannelie is willing to host you and Nicoletta for those 2 nights, so no stress. @Alex unfortunately we still need to find a bed for you for those extra 2 nights.


Re Truth Fruit - how many copies shall I print & send across? I also need the address for all packages please :smiley:


Hey, if we could get - I’m not sure - anything between 20 and 50, they would all be used. Am getting you an address now. More than 50 might be “flooding the market” or something like that :joy: