Merry Merkle Goes to Africa


@cryptowanderer should of said, I’ll get set up in East London for those couple of extra days :slight_smile:


Added flight details to the spreadsheet!


So excited about this trip! Just added my flight details:)


Amazing!! lmk if she needs anything from us! :pray:


@cryptowanderer details added to the spreadsheet! apologies on the delay


I’ll need address please so I can setup delivery for the books - looks like it’ll take a while!


Hey all! We are into the final straight here - just 3 days to go.

The website is ready. A lot of pople have been added to our MrkleMerry Twitter team (let me know if you’d like to be added too and help out with raising awareness).

Also, if anyone would like to write a short blog post about why they’re involved with this/what it means to you, what you think it might mean to the children we’re helping, why you’re excited in general, that would be really awesome too :heart:


Would love to blogpost - it might need to wait until I’m back from Manila bounty cleanup though (5th Dec) :smiley:


Also down to draft a blog post! Let me know if there’s an ideal date you need it by @cryptowanderer.


Hey @cryptowanderer just checked my flights and they’ve updated. I’m now set to arrive at 18.15 ELS on Monday as oppose to 17.25.


Chris, if you’re around; I just got to East London airport and noticed you should arrive right after. I’m at the entrance of the arrival hall, inside by the Parking pay stations.