Mobile UI for desktop



This is really cool and something I’ve been dying to have on my tablet (and desktop) for a long time!

Also I learnt today that another company has used our react-native-desktop on an embedded linux system and deployed in production :open_mouth: was so cool to hear.


Wow, that is really cool!


Progress update:

  • fixed issue with using two-pane navigator as a nested navigator
  • created js package for two-pane navigator
  • new package used in status-react UI as a proof-of-concept

Next steps:

  • enable\disable two-pane UI depending on screen size


Love seeing this progress!

I notice the Discover DApps frame doesn’t scale to well. Any thoughts on what causes that?


It behaves like that on mobile, I have the same funkiness on my iPad too. It’s the least offensive problem there :wink: The image should be centered in the frame rather than scaling to fit.

Great seeing the progress made here!:raised_hands:


@volodymyr.kozieiev does it mean you’ve been working on a fork of react navigation? How hard will it be to migrate this work to react-navigation 3? Because this brings quite some improvements and we need to switch to it at some point


@yenda, no, not a fork. I created a module that uses react-navigation -
And I used documentation from react-navigation 3, so we should be good, I believe basic API is the same


@hester, I also noticed that welcome screen doesn’t look correct in landscape mode. So yeah, image settings should be checked. It is not related to two-pane UI itself, I believe.


yes it’s not relative , they are developed only for mobile, so they resize full screen with fixed margins in px


great progress! :smiley:
also, love to see so much interest in this topic :smiley:


What would be required to set relative margins? (and would this fix it?)


Progress update:

Code from PR worked fine with react-navigation v2, but after status-react moved to react-navigation v3 one glitch appeared - every time user switches between chats whole screen re-renders 2 times. So PR is still WIP and I’m looking into this issue.


Progress update:
After a bunch of fixes 2-pane ui for mobile platforms finally merged!

So now it is time to make mobile ui the default one for desktop platforms.


great work guys. Looking forward to using the new desktop ui.


@volodymyr.kozieiev could you confirm that if we remove realm it will be much easier to remove the ubuntu-server? I’m making a plan to remove realm WIP


@yenda, yes, it is correct!


hey @volodymyr.kozieiev what are our next steps? can we use mobile screens and remove desktop ones?


@andrey, correct, these are next steps:

  • run 2-pane mobile UI on desktop,
  • make mobile UI default for desktop,
  • remove old desktop UI

Right now working on the first one .


Current issue:
We already have flag in .env file that enables mobile ui for desktop. But since it was last checked mobile ui switched to react-navigation v3. And newer navigation depends on react-native-gesture-handler library that provides native (ios and android) ways to deal with gestures. It looks like we need to support this library on desktop to reuse latest mobile UI :-/


what project is this?