Mobile UI for desktop



@yenda, no, not a fork. I created a module that uses react-navigation -
And I used documentation from react-navigation 3, so we should be good, I believe basic API is the same


@hester, I also noticed that welcome screen doesn’t look correct in landscape mode. So yeah, image settings should be checked. It is not related to two-pane UI itself, I believe.


yes it’s not relative , they are developed only for mobile, so they resize full screen with fixed margins in px


great progress! :smiley:
also, love to see so much interest in this topic :smiley:


What would be required to set relative margins? (and would this fix it?)


Progress update:

Code from PR worked fine with react-navigation v2, but after status-react moved to react-navigation v3 one glitch appeared - every time user switches between chats whole screen re-renders 2 times. So PR is still WIP and I’m looking into this issue.