Offsite: Istanbul ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท



DATE: September 16 - September 19, 2019
LOCATION: Istanbul, Turkey

What to expect

It will be three nights Monday September 16 - Thursday September 19, 2019

Here is a proposed agenda of what the week will look like:

  • Monday: Everyone arrive whatever time you can.
    *If you are flying more than 8 hours, you may arrive Sunday
  • Tuesday: All team offsite all day
  • Wednesday: Smaller team offsites
  • Thursday: Check out


Please let us know if you require any accommodations to attend, or if thereโ€™s anything we can do to help make this event as inclusive as possible

A few changes

We are trying to keep things frugal, so there are some changes we are making this year to previous years:

  • Everyone will be paired in a room with another core contributor:
    • Own Room: If you wish to have your own room, you will have to pay out of pocket to cover the expenses. You will need to pay 50% of the room cost out of pocket. You will be given a Single room.
    • Partners/SO: are allowed to join, but you will need to cover 50% of the room cost. Similar to having your own room - But this would be a double room rather than a single room.
  • Everyone can expense a public transportation pass and expense an Uber to the hotelโ€™s return to the airport. Multiple Ubers around the city will not be reimbursable.
  • On the Wednesday for smaller team events, we encourage people to find common spaces around the hotel or nearby. Status will unfortunately not be able to cover the cost of additional conference/business rooms.
    • However, if teams wish for a private meeting space or wish to extend beyond the Thursday check-out for their team meeting, this will need to come out of the existing teams/swarm budget (discuss with team leads)

Ambassadors & Community Members

All Ambassadors & Community Members are welcome to join our offsite. Unfortunately Status will be unable to reimburse the cost of travel (transportation, airfare, hotel, etc.), but would love to have you with us!

If you book your trip, please send an email to [email protected] confirming your attendance.


HI everyone: Please check here if you need a Visa


@rajanie, could you please confirm the checkout date of the hotel is Thursday the 19th? The spreadsheet is showing the 18th.