Product planning updates

It’s been a while since the latest update on product planning!

One thing is for sure, the team has been doing reps working towards upcoming releases and they’re crushing it. Every week @iurimatias @andre @guylouis and I get together to take pulse, see where we are at and plan next steps.

We’ll start sharing a weekly update here for anyone else to keep up.

Weekly update dd May 18

Progress highlights

  • :newspaper: Desktop team is analyzing, testing, getting packages in order and understanding threading (performance win!) using Nim + Qt; react-native-desktop path is still worked on in parallel

  • :bell: Notifications and Keycard integration (both Android) are key for the upcoming Mobile release. Please take Nightly for a spin to see the latest on this, report issues and keep an :eye: out for Keycard PR’s

  • :mag: Mobile team is looking ahead at a fixes release 1.4.1. Kind request to the Core team: please check these 9 unassigned issues to see if there’s anything you can pick up outside of feature work

  • :rocket: Starterpack, Referrals and image sending are still scoped for release 1.5. Exploring if we can upgrade the sharing experience with compressed keys, group chat links and QR code saving and sharing

  • :crossed_fingers: Keycard is getting ready for it’s integration with Status release on Android, with support of @yenda. Release cut is planned for end of this week.

  • :globe_with_meridians: Keycard team is now looking into Layer2 solutions for payment network


Taking baby steps in transitioning to a decentralized model; We’ll start with increasing transparency on the latest in product development by sharing these takeaways on Discuss


As always, any dates are to be taken with a massive grain of salt. The linked chart shows the rough sequence of implementation for a 2-3 month timeframe. That’s all.|IEZDMOBYGQYTMLSTHA


New week, new update:

  • Desktop has a lot happening. Iuri showed a quick demo including public chats, sending tx, configuring mailserver settings and more
  • Discussed communication on development by the desktop team. Most detailed is the repo:
  • Keycard integration is heading down the home stretch with 2 outstanding issues
  • Keycard team is also finalizing their contract with LeapDAO to design a layer 2 solution for Status Pay and are looking to create a release ready version of the redeem dapp
  • While Andre is enjoying a well-deserved vacation status not too many Core updates beyond upcoming releases. Keycard is coming. And who knows what else might drop from the sky :wink:
  • Governance is awaiting while Desktop is finding its ground. For now there is the proposal to move feature requests to Discuss: Feature request category

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