Proposals for Monday in Prague



@Ben got that covered in the slides as well! Thanks!


@Dani it looks like we should leave 30m for Finance (maybe 15m preso + 15m Q&A) considering the large amount of interest in the space.

Jarrad/Carl would also like an extra hour, so our timing currently looks like:

  • ~3pm to 5:30pm : Jarrad + Carl founders roundtable
  • 5:30pm to 6pm : Finance
  • 6pm to 7pm: Demo’s
  • 7pm onwards : Team dinner


@naghdy agreed - works for us.


Can you detail more Demo’s ? Core team members showcasing interesting demo from the hackathon?


Either that, or people who have demo’s from beforehand. So far nobody has responded with Demo proposals in this thread, but I’m hoping it will come naturally during the Hackathon


If that is relevant I’d like to do a short (5 mins) demo of extensions usage.


Did you miss my comment that I’d be happy to demo the new website @naghdy?


What do you mean by demo exactly? If you mean TH presentation showing something, I responded above that I’d like to show case wall of shame and do voting of, which will take some time. Or is TH a separate event?


Amazing. I’ve made this:

Please feel free to throw in your demo in there, and we can then come up with a way to stack rank if we get > 60m worth of time. Keep your demo’s short and sweet, with some time for Q&A as well :).

@oskarth you want to have a session with everyone to do Wall of Shame voting? What will that look like with ~100 people? Maybe ping me and we can come up with something.


Should we still do a Kudos shoutout & new hire intros?


I’d like to demo the voting dapp :slight_smile:


The UX/UXR team would like to demo some of the cool work we’ve recently done. :partying_face:


@Philip Do you want to lead it?


Can we rebrand “Jarrad + Carl founders roundtable” to
“harmonising on what we’re building, who we’re building it for and how we plan to do it”.
(happy to remove “harmonising on” or something less verbose)

Basically the session will be half preaching, half open guided discussion, some interpretive dance. So we can all harmonise on a few foundational concepts and we all are clear on exactly what we’re working on together.


of course. Updated the agendas and we can totally keep harmonising.


I’d like to demo a new Whisper analysis/research app.


Hey so sorry didn’t the mention. Yup, I can! I’ll also check with the rest of the design team though to see if anyone else wants chime in!


A quick update on this. We are going to split the Town Hall into two section.

Town Hall Part 1 will happen at 5:30pm on Sunday for 2 hours

Town Hall Part 2 will start at 3pm on Monday as per usual schedule.

See the updated agenda here:


Uncleaned notes from Town Hall Part 1: