Q3 2019 Quarterly Report

Hi folks! Another quarter has zoomed by, and we’re nearing the close of Q3 2019. Thus, kicking off the planning for the next quarterly report. (Click here for Q2’s edition).

Before we get too much into the weeds of putting this report together, your chance to give feedback:

  • Do you think the report is valuable to keep publishing?
  • Anything you’d like to see done differently for future editions? (either content or in the process of drafting it)
  • Would you like to be involved?

If the report does go ahead, consider this some advance notice that we’ll be asking some of you for your input for status updates. I’ll put together a planning doc with timelines and action items.

Cheers! C
cc @Jinho @jonathan @rajanie

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Hey Ceri - thanks for the reminder. I personally think this is something worth doing. From an engagement perspective, it was one of the best performing pieces of content we produced last quarter.

I also think this can serve as a great education piece of content for the Status Network (if we decide to talk about the work being done there).

I understand it is a ton of coordinating and cat herding but totally worth it, especially with v1 coming up and a curious community.


+1 to Jonny

  • I think this is one of the best ways to communicate with people outside Status and the feedback on this report was very good in the community.

  • What do you think of simplifying the quarterly report(e.g., 4-5 pages on Google Docs)? As we all know, people prefer easy and concise content to read. I thought the previous report was too long to read for the general public outside Status.

  • Sure, will be involved


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I think the transparency helps with how community views status, and I personally like to see what’s the eagle’s eye view of the company periodically.


Thanks everyone for the feedback. The quarterly report is going ahead!

Here’s the content plan and working doc for the quarterly report. Feel free to edit, comment, add topics, etc.

@Jinho noted on the need to make this report a little more concise than the last!