Q4 2019 Quarterly Report

Starting the planning a little earlier this quarter as we have the holiday season coming up, and based on Q3 cycle feedback.

This post is to give everyone involved a heads up so we can all schedule it in to our planning in what will probably be a busy couple of months coming up! Btw these are just suggestions and we can flex them based on how you all feel about them, so feedback very much welcome!


@rajanie + @ceri - let’s plan to aggregate the content and write the copy between 6-8 January. I reckon that means we should probably have the skeleton content plan ready ahead of the holidays.

Note on content gathering - was speaking with @oskarth about this (and I’ll probably write a separate post on this anyway in a more general sense) and I think update fatigue might be real. What we can try for this edition to give everyone a break is pulling all the updates for swarms/teams from a mix of:

Twitter + Discuss/Forum + Blog + Town Hall updates = Quarterly report update

If you all think that would be cool, please just keep updating those sources mentioned above ^ or let me know if there’s anywhere else we should be following for your updates. We’ll gather the content and write preliminary copy, and ask you to review it for accuracy.


@jonathan - do you think Leja would have capacity/interest in helping out again? Otherwise we can figure out something else. Would probably need help ~6-8 January.


Please be ready to review the report between 9-13 January. Tagging people I’d love to get involved, but lmk if you don’t have capacity or want to be part of the project!

  • Editorial review - @rbin?
  • Tech review - @rachel or @Graham?
  • Ambassador review - would be cool to get one of our ambassadors involved in taking a look at the content and giving their input, or even writing parts of the report if interested, wdyt @Jinho?
  • Founder review - @carl and/or @jarradhope


@Jinho - wdyt to lining up translators for 14-16 January?


Financial info typically takes the longest time to gather as it’s not something we can pull in advance, and it needs to be aggregated and thoroughly reviewed only once the quarter has passed. Heads up to @Dani - wdyt to the timelines?


SNT for translations, graphics & ambassador review = $1k. Could probably submit this via Assemble.

Cheers all! If I didn’t tag you but you want to get involved, that’s fab, just ping here :slight_smile: Ceri


[Translators] Jan 14-16 would be great!

Please let me know how much we could pay for translators after getting some graphics for the report. I think we should reduce the number of languages if the report becomes longer than we expected.

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Yup! This timeline looks good. I will be out on PTO Jan.7 so I will get everything done before then.

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Timeline looks good to me. Ill have Leja produce the assets asap.

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We’ll provide data end of January (estimates only).

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Cool, thanks @Dani! We can run the first version of the first version of the report with a placeholder or omitting the financial data if the timings don’t match up.

Cool, once the report copy is finalised, we can come up with an offer based on word count and how much we’ve offered for prior editions.

I think we should reduce the number of languages if the report becomes longer than we expected.

Sure thing - if you think that will keep things streamlined, we can do that :+1:

Note to self: make available in takeaway PDF format.

Full disclosure: I am late in getting the first draft of the report put together - it’s been hectic on other projects, and sourcing all the updates centrally added more time than I thought. Sorry! Just wanted to give you all a heads up. Will aim to have the first draft ready by Monday 13th, so the rest of the deadlines I initially proposed will be pushed back a bit.