Roadmap Planning

I agree mostly with @maciej, especially because we will be launching v1 soon, I think we should focus on things that matter most for the users, and I have a feel that images, mentions (to a much lesser extent code highlighting, but I am biased), will be fairly important for user acquisition and retention, so I’d like them to see prioritized (likely post v1 I suppose)

  1. Performance:
    Performance=UX. Vital for retention of users.
  1. Basic onboarding
    Get people into public chats with a warm welcome asap
  • can be high touch
  • get people to add contacts as soon as possible (vital for retention, see various IM/social network studies)
  1. Measure active users and retention curves
  • Set as weekly growth goal, feedback into 2 and outside-app experience
    • make it crystal clear and failable, i.e. this week we made usage go up or not
  • then fix bottlenecks based on specific user feedback
  • high touch, talk to users and isolate number 1 or 2 prio
    • bounty everything non-essential, i.e. not prio 1 or 2 from user feedback
    • aim for short feedback cycles

It sounds like we have a good amount of alignment in here.

Warm, friendly welcome via smooth onboarding. Better, more engaging chat experience. Reduction of significant blockers like bandwidth consumption. These are some themes I’m hearing across many of these posts.

Additionally: polish specific UI elements, build on privacy as our main feature with increased settings and control, more robust account management…

And measurement/strong feedback mechanisms are a must in my book. Luckily I can shoulder much of that with relatively little dev time.

I’ll surface these objectives in the call later today. Thanks team! :pray:

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Hi, maybe I’m off topic, but there is a function that I like very much and very convenient: the setting to automatically delete messages in chat rooms 1: 1, for example, after 1 day, 3 days, 14 days and never delete. If possible, please add this feature.


Welcome @bumerang007!

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The roadmap planning session is up on YouTube.

On the call, we discussed goals for the application after launch and went over potential objectives for the near future, which I extracted from this Discuss thread.

We spent some time discussing our personal drivers and blockers to using Status. This surfaced several more potential objectives, which we added to the list.

We then dot voted, as a group, on which objectives should receive the most focus after launch. Each core contributor was given 3 votes to allocate. 1 point = 1 vote from a contributor.

We’re now inviting other SNT holders and community members to give us their feedback on the objectives ranked by contributors on the call.

Give us a :+1:or :-1:to let us know how you feel about this order of priorities for v1.

1 - Make chat more enjoyable to use. This is about implementing standard chat features, such as image sending, notifications, or @ mentions. (11 points)

2 - Fix significant blockers to use. This requires us to improve on issues like network consumption, battery drainage, etc., as well aggravating UI issues. (5 points)

2 - Polish the UI. This is about improving UI responsiveness, as well as polishing specific features, e.g. seedphrase recovery. (5 points)

3 - Enable smoother transactions. This is about improving the Tx flow to be more in line with Andrei’s post, and could also apply to Tx history improvements. (4 points)

4 - Offer more robust account management. Completing multiaccount features such as ability to import from seed phrase. (3 points)

5 - Make it easier to build community in Status. Account gifting, easier profile sharing, etc. (3 points)

6 - Enhance user privacy through advanced controls. Ability to switch DApps per browser tab, etc. (2 points)

7 - Better desktop support. (2 points)

8 - Welcome new users warmly with smooth onboarding. (1 point)

9 - Build SNT utility. (1 point—worth mentioning that features laddering up to the above objectives can do this)

10 - Bring in additional functionality via extensions. (1 point)

11 - Make uniquness of Status understood. (0 points)

12 - Faster, more iterative release process. (0 points)

Given our team’s bandwidth, we will focus in on the top 3 objectives for now: make chat enjoyable to use, reduce significant blockers to use, and polish UI.

We’ll follow up with in-depth planning sessions to discuss the features & fixes that will drive these objectives in the next few weeks.

If you have specific features or improvements in mind that you would like to see considered, drop us a line!



V1 is an incredible achievement all around. Messages send, transactions are secure, and browsing is simple.

To me, the most important next step, is obtaining basic feature parity with other messaging applications to make a genuine case for people to switch over to Status. Therefore, the top three items listed above seem like the logical order of priorities.


Very much agreed on point one! Though re notifications, which provider would you use? I heard in the Town Hall that you might skip PNs for v1

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I like this from a privacy point of view. Having your phone searched at airports and having ALL your data be scraped is decidedly sub-optimal. Maybe a nuke all button too?


Welcome to @alexcg1!


Hello everyone. :wave:t3: The core team’s votes are in for order of priority in what to ship after v1.

The top 5 items to make chat more enjoyable are:

  1. @ mentions
  2. Images in chat
  3. Awesome push notifications for Android
  4. A proper mark as read feature w/ unread message counter
  5. Make Status a share target from other apps, e.g. web browser

For fixing significant blockers to use, our focus is in:

  1. Optimizing battery consumption
  2. Reducing network data consumption
  3. Improving wallet fetching Tx history
  4. UI performance, specifically on older Android devices, which can be laggy

We’re now in the process of working on written specs for each item above and welcome any feedback.

My wish is for the team to define the simplest MVP version of each feature, ship, and then iterate based on user feedback—before branching out to more new features.

I’d like for us to balance our time between these new features, and critical bugs/blockers (which will always take precedent). On Tuesday of next week, @Tetiana @sergii @andre and I will be discussing our post v1 release cadence and how often we’ll intend to ship.


Recently I shared updates on the roadmap with both our ambassadors, and the team leads.

Not much new news. Waku is a major priority for us after v1. But otherwise, we’re committed to delivering on the chat priorities identified above over the next few months—in a sustainable way, managing for regressions. We will also adapt our roadmap on the fly to accommodate for user feedback in response to v1.

Presentation to ambassadors
Product touchbase for team leads


V1 is really amazing thank you so much!


Thanks @kcrypto.whisperer! Glad to have you be a part of it.

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This is a good reminder to share out the new Trello roadmap we recently set up. This will be the living record of our near-term and long-term plans, as far as new features go:


Roadmap planning time!

We’ve just delivered release 1.2 with Waku mail nodes.

Our next two releases are tentatively scoped as follows:

V1.3 Release

  • Group chats
  • Dark mode
  • New webview implementation
  • Bug fixes including ENS registration being blocked when app is in French, public chats with unsafe characters created via deep link, browser input not being erased in new tab, etc.

V1.4 Release

  • Push notifications for Android
  • Image sending in chat
  • Keycard integration in Status client (depending on QA—possibly later)
  • Bug fixes TBD

We also have some exciting growth-oriented features implemented, and are awaiting bureaucratic blockers to resolve themselves before we can release.

Once that happens, those features will jump to the top of the queue, in terms of priority.

Beyond that, let’s discuss! I’d like to hear each team member’s viewpoint on what is important or imminently needs attention, from both a feature and maintenance perspective.

Would be great if we could hear thoughts from each person on:

  • Feature ideas
  • Maintenance/fixes

I’ll post my own separately. To jog the team’s memory, these are some issues reported by you recently, which are awaiting prioritization:

You can also see the latest feature requests coming from on the appropriate column on Trello.

1: :white_check_mark: A proper Mark as read / unread counter aka #6375
2. :blue_heart: Emoji reactions followed by SNT reactions once unblocked
3. :bell: Some opt-in centralised notification service for iOS?
4. :speaking_head: Mentions
5. :framed_picture: Bring back user avatar pictures as part of ENS usernames

:toolbox: Finalise ui component library and refactor views still missing components


1: :speaking_head: Tabs in the browser (fav dapps) most requested feature from the community
2: setting for browser data (cookies , local storage) management (clear data)

:toolbox: Perf improvements (app is still laggy and slow on a top Android device)

  1. :lock: Back up seed phrase alerts
  2. :safety_vest: Safeproof transaction requests
  3. :people_holding_hands: Group chat join links
  4. :bookmark_tabs: Tabs in browser
  5. :beach_umbrella: Images in chat
  6. :chains: Key management (Export keys, path scanning, sign with Keycard for an account inside regular MultiAccount wallet)
  7. :nail_care: Wallet UX improvements (set max, enter fiat, remove account)
  8. :newspaper: Pinned news channel
  9. :mega: Channel promotion to populate dynamic public channel list (currently hardcoded)
  10. :fountain_pen: Account contracts > to support adding KeycardCash and set sign rules

Aside from all the great feature suggestions already mentioned here, I’d love to see some work on documentation and specs not captured. E.g. “What’s missing?” under Stable Status Specs and SIPs and