Roadmap Planning

Roadmap planning time!

We’ve just delivered release 1.2 with Waku mail nodes.

Our next two releases are tentatively scoped as follows:

V1.3 Release

  • Group chats
  • Dark mode
  • New webview implementation
  • Bug fixes including ENS registration being blocked when app is in French, public chats with unsafe characters created via deep link, browser input not being erased in new tab, etc.

V1.4 Release

  • Push notifications for Android
  • Image sending in chat
  • Keycard integration in Status client (depending on QA—possibly later)
  • Bug fixes TBD

We also have some exciting growth-oriented features implemented, and are awaiting bureaucratic blockers to resolve themselves before we can release.

Once that happens, those features will jump to the top of the queue, in terms of priority.

Beyond that, let’s discuss! I’d like to hear each team member’s viewpoint on what is important or imminently needs attention, from both a feature and maintenance perspective.

Would be great if we could hear thoughts from each person on:

  • Feature ideas
  • Maintenance/fixes

I’ll post my own separately. To jog the team’s memory, these are some issues reported by you recently, which are awaiting prioritization:

You can also see the latest feature requests coming from on the appropriate column on Trello.

1: :white_check_mark: A proper Mark as read / unread counter aka #6375
2. :blue_heart: Emoji reactions followed by SNT reactions once unblocked
3. :bell: Some opt-in centralised notification service for iOS?
4. :speaking_head: Mentions
5. :framed_picture: Bring back user avatar pictures as part of ENS usernames

:toolbox: Finalise ui component library and refactor views still missing components


1: :speaking_head: Tabs in the browser (fav dapps) most requested feature from the community
2: setting for browser data (cookies , local storage) management (clear data)

:toolbox: Perf improvements (app is still laggy and slow on a top Android device)

  1. :lock: Back up seed phrase alerts
  2. :safety_vest: Safeproof transaction requests
  3. :people_holding_hands: Group chat join links
  4. :bookmark_tabs: Tabs in browser
  5. :beach_umbrella: Images in chat
  6. :chains: Key management (Export keys, path scanning, sign with Keycard for an account inside regular MultiAccount wallet)
  7. :nail_care: Wallet UX improvements (set max, enter fiat, remove account)
  8. :newspaper: Pinned news channel
  9. :mega: Channel promotion to populate dynamic public channel list (currently hardcoded)
  10. :fountain_pen: Account contracts > to support adding KeycardCash and set sign rules

Aside from all the great feature suggestions already mentioned here, I’d love to see some work on documentation and specs not captured. E.g. “What’s missing?” under Stable Status Specs and SIPs and


Disappearing messages:
Anonmyous messages:


Mega feature:

Status nodes


  • at first a private node would allow a user to reduce bandwidth consumption (from messages and wallet) to a minimum on his phone
  • for iOS it means he could also set up notifications.
  • that would mean a much lightweight version of status running on the phone, and much more independence from status infra for little cost
  • later on there is other kind of nodes that would be developed which would support public requests such a wallet history or ipfs/swarm content.
  • nodes could be paid for services/responses using the raiden network, snt transfers would be almost instant and free which would also allow for features like snt reactions and tribute to talk to exist

Sending messages to yourself

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One project that is not accounted for and actually non-negotiable:

Nimbus integration with Status

I also want to see public chats checked for last N messages, rather than last 30 days of messages, so they will never appear empty if there are messages.

And as there may be significant work for image sending left, I want to vote on that as well.

On top of Keycard android integration which is the bare minimum to consider keycard is available with status, the other following feature have been put aside for Keycard in the past and need to be done at some point (I am not listing here those already listed by Hester above)

  • Keycard iOS integration
  • allow to reset a keycard
  • have a Keycard settings menu (unpair card, change PIN, change PUK)
  • help a user migrate a non-keycard account to his keycard

Also, I’d love to be able to see my NFTs in Status. I can see none of them today (I have Superare, Gods unchained, POAP & Sandbox NFTs)


Feature: public channels. That ones where only channel creator can write content and others joined can only read.

This feature I’d like to bring up as an idea for maybe quite far releases. But I believe it is quite important for growing userbase in a long-term. I think telegram got a good push by having that type of public channels. Many people want personal tribune for sharing their personal thoughts and opinions.


:point_up_2: expanding on your idea @volodymyr.kozieiev Following an @mention would be cool if the user decides to send all mentions from this @ensname public by sending it to their dedicated public channel


Feature: public channels. That ones where only channel creator can write content and others joined can only read.

Big +1 on this feature idea. Status is a place to disseminate information without fear of suppression. @ricardo3 has some creative ideas about how we could make channels such as this subscription based, similar to Patreon, for an SNT tie-in.

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Hey gang! Here are the results of our roadmap planning session yesterday.

A bit of context before I share:

  • We are in the process of defining a new community governance model, which will allow SNT holders to influence the roadmap more directly once I am no longer with Status.
  • The next two releases, 1.3 and 1.4, are scoped.
  • The goal of this session was simply to prioritize our backlog of feature requests for 1.5+, while the governance model is being worked out.
  • As always, it’s liable to change, and in the near future, that would most likely happen as result of community vote.
  • The lens, again, is to encourage user growth.

Top voted features for v1.5+

  1. Image sending in chat, 13 points
  2. Emoji + SNT reactions, 12 points
  3. Personal nodes, 10 points
  4. Finalize the UI component library + refactor views, 9 points
  5. @ mentions, 7 points
  6. Mute a chat so I don’t have so many notifications, 6 points
  7. Send messages to yourself, 5 points
  8. Mark messages as read, jump to last unread, proper counter, 5 points
  9. ENS username profile photos, 4 points
  10. Fix app’s lagginess on Android, 3 points

The full list is here.

For next steps, I’d like to assign developers to each of the top ~5 features, and begin research & spec writing in tandem with shipping release 1.4.


Like that Read-only public channels ?

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yes, exactly like that! :slight_smile:

I notice we don’t have centralised notifications here? We’ll need to make this a high priority for improving our retention scores. They definitely should be disabled by default, make the user aware it’s an option, and what privacy they are giving up.


Re notifications, most of these questions posed in this thread remain unanswered AFAIK: Fixing notifications A good (re-)start would be to ensure we have answers there that we all agree with, for example through Core Dev calls. That would make sure we don’t flip-flop between different models too much and instead can progressively build on it, both in the decentralization/privacy vector and the UX/retention vector.

Proposal : divide all improvements into types (security, privacy, etc.) and when voting on SNT owners, clearly establish the division based on the capabilities of programmers, for example, only 5 proposals can be for 1 month (2 for security; 1 for privacy; 2 for interface improvements)

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There was a demo feature last year where I could embed a single channel chat on my website, so people who wanted to contact me could go to the website and participate in the channel. I’m not sure where this went or how it fits into everything. I know @petty tested it out as well.

It is a feature that we could distribute as an open source private helpdesk feature/product. I’m not sure how anonymous that was (or is), but it had potential for an interesting type of outreach. Business case, imagine using Status web chat on a new product website for help desk or conversion marketing (e.g. A private, secure service that doesn’t collect data could be a valued tool.