V1 Release Backlog & Timeline

Hi all! I wanted to share a quick state of the state re: v1.

First, the audit kicked off this week. We’ve included one final technical task to the scope of work for audit: Store EIP1581 extended key.

The remaining work required for the release is labeled v1 release on Github in both status-go and status-react. Here’s a rough breakdown:

  • 59 open issues
  • ~70% are bugs :flushed:
  • The feature work is estimated to be > 100 story points
  • Bugs are not estimated

The features selected are:

I’ve loosely split the bugs into blocking and non-blocking in Wrike (based on my projection of Reach x Impact) and believe we could narrow the list by 8-10 issues.

I’m organizing the work into the Core project board so that Status org members can have a view into work selected, by whom, and what’s next in the pipeline.

As we progress with planning poker every 2 weeks, we should be able to crisp up the estimates above and convert them into soft timelines, so stay tuned.


For posterity, these slides are where I initially called out the remaining feature work. Because some people have asked about the below, it also lists several nice-to-haves:

  • Proof of ownership for sending funds to contacts via wallet / re-enabling chat commands
  • Add a ‘watch only’ account
  • Pin code login

Much rather get v1 out the door than stuff more features in, myself. But we’ll see how long it takes us to crank through bugs & whether we end up with spare capacity near the finish line.


I am definitely on the side of spending resources on fixing bugs than adding features.


It was a fabulous week in Statusland.


We saw the v1 release backlog jump from 60 down to ~45 issues. Way to go, team. In fact, we’ve closed out 50% of the issues mentioned in my original post:

And then some—UI onboarding fixes are merged, as is bonus feature biometric login. There’s also been great progress toward ENS verification, bugs fixed, new e2e tests written, and more. :tada:

For more details on this week’s progress, see the retro notes here.


  • I added proof of account ownership—and subsequently, revival of chat commands + send to contacts from wallet—to the v1 scope. Why? We want to facilitate grassroots SNT onboarding at launch. We’ll welcome new people into a dedicated intro chat, and share the SNT wealth with them so they can register for usernames, use stickers, and vote for features and improvements using SNT.
  • We may disable push notifications for v1. The proposal to do so is here. Before we pull the trigger on this, I’d like to see a bit more rigor behind the alternative proposal. On the bright side, this reduces our overall surface area for bugs and will allow us to invest the time we’d spend fixing current PN bugs, back into chat commands.

Any thoughts on that, please speak up here or ping me.