Website Updates


Hello team at large :heart:

I think some updates on progress with making a better, more collaborative, more representative website that anyone can use or edit easily are in order.

All The Languages

  1. We have begun internationalization efforts, beginning with Korean: (because there is an Asian tour coming up) and Spanish (because @Lalo is gonna help :wink:). If you would like to help translate the site into your own language, please let a brother know and let’s make it happen. Big thanks and kudos to @Chad for helping make that happen.

All the Flexibility

  1. We have figured out how to include global components like headers and footers in one repo where you can update them once and have it spread across the Status web presence! :tada:

2a. Because @samthomson is enormously smart, you can also edit that repo from within whichever website repo you’re in without needing to change, and it will also be updated across the whole web presence.

2b. While it seems super simple now, with just headers and footers, we can go a long way with this pattern and include all sorts of fun branding and functionality across all our sites, as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Extensions for Everyone


Moar Tutorials

  1. Big thanks and kudos to @rramos for putting together an awesome Whisper Tutorial repo to kick this off (it also uses EmbarkJS, because killing many birds with few stones is what we’re all about).

4a. Guillame (the guy working on Whisper at the EF) also sent me this: If you wanna help generalise, or just create tutorials for the work you do that is most interesting so we can all start giving away our lego blocks better, let me know.

All With Bounties

Most of this work is the result of bounties which have led to some pretty cool people looking more closely at our repos. We also have some bounties out for extensions. Let me or Hutch know if you’d like to set up bounties for your favourite team :wink:


Translation bounties FTW - happy to co-fund ! :love_you_gesture: