Website Updates


Wow this looks fantastic - I love it. Think we (POps) can reduce/simplify the copy for the more traditional “jobs/hiring/open positions” as well to fit with the new cleaner, clearer website.


This looks really solid, great work guys!


This is really great, awesome work Jonny and Ivo :heart:

One small pick, on the security page, the lead copy:

“Navigating and accessing web3 presents a number of challenges users have not have to face before. The remove of third parties ensures only you control your data and protects you from data leaks. But it is important that users know how to take responsibiliites for their funds and digital safetly.”

Soooo many errors. Suggest:

“Accessing and navigating web3 presents some challenges we have not had to face before. By removing third parties, we ensure that you - and only you - control your data. It is therefore important that you know how to take responsibility for your funds and information.”


Great catch @cryptowanderer. I completely forgot to mention the security page copy (and a lot of the other copy) is placeholder for now. Apologies for forgetting to call that out.

Before this goes out, Im hoping we can have a review of all site copy for technical accuracy, typos, and recommendations.

We will have “final copy” hopefully by end of week. I will ping here and tag everyone for a final pass at copy and visual QA.


That looks awesome! Like the font and the principles layout. Love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that Status being Open Source has found a prominent spot. In 1:1 testing I noticed that with all the new lingo of decentralization, web3, cryptocurrency and blockchain, Open Source DOES ring a bell and is appreciated.


@jonathan should we set up a few different copy reviews, e.g. one with someone familiar with our protocol, one for browser/wallet/UI, etc. to step through the relevant sections together? I’ve made a few suggestions on the right in this spreadsheet but have more to do and it will require checking. I think it might actually be most effective to collaborate in real time.


@rachel - this would be a great idea.

All copy from the copy doc is now reflected on the staging site here

Im hoping to have have copy and asset reviews complete by Wednesday so we can finally push this live.

If you feel dedicated copy reviews are needed, I am open to that but I think we mostly just need to review for technical accuracy. A lot of the content across the site is fairly high level and written in a specific tone. So perhaps we can have teams review the features copy on both the homepage and features page. WDYT?


I think a quick review async will work fine.

Can you guys (tagged below) please do me a huge favor and review the following pages for technical accuracy. I wrote much of the copy based on existing material in the docs and various posts on our blog. However, before this site goes live, I’d like a final review to ensure there are NO false/inaccurate statements. Its really not much copy so shouldnt take long at all:

Please remember, much of the copy on these “marketing” pages are designed to provide basic info for interested viewers and then drive to the related docs, blog posts, tutorials, etc, for more info.

Please leave any notes or comments in this copy deck in a new column to the right next to each section:

@julien - browser copy
@goranjovic - wallet copy
@igor - general app, protocol copy
@yenda - whisper/messenger copy
@petty - security copy

Im hoping to have all copy final by end of day Wednesday so we can launch on Thursday.


Awesome job @jonathan !

A couple comments:

  • wallet doesn’t support all ERC721 but only a handful (i.e. 4). Adding extra ones requires new dev
  • same for ERC20 except we support much more oob and it’s much simpler to add extra ones

This statement is a bit confusing: Extensions allow you to leverage the native of features of Status within your DApp.
Extensions won’t let you leverage Status features in your DApp. More the other way around actually: leverage your DApp feature within Status.
Note that we also offer extra APIs on top of web3, Status API. Those match more closely the original description.


one annoying thing
submenu disappears if move mouse in this direction


Love the new website. A couple of very minor issues in the About tab:

  1. Missing a quotation mark at the end of Jarrad’s sentence.


  1. There should be a space between VIII and Inclusivity



Speaking of this mission statement, @jarradhope have you read this post by Virgil on Tor and their branding? Might be worth considering IMO


and what is your answer to calling the protocol family big brother? isn’t that going to get someone killed for upholding things that are not human-rights related (as defined by Virgil)


I don’t have a good one. It might be a bad name (Poe’s law, etc). I agree the title is clickbaity.


On (same on )

  1. Tutorial’s title is not listed in the content
  2. Pictures are not shown at the end of the page

#57 has no link to in the sentence

“Warning: Nightly builds are intended for development testing and may include bugs and other issues. You might want to use the stable builds instead.”

It’s expected that “stable builds” will link to page



On Desktop picture is too wide on mobile portrait (iphone 7, safari):



In says

Full support for all ERC20 and ERC721 tokens on Ethereum network. Send, store, and receive your tokens or collectibles confidently in Status.

Collectibles can’t be sent directly from wallet. They can be viewed and as Julien said, if they are among the selected few collectibles integrated with the app.


On the same page, screenshot on the right side displays a transaction overview from a design which hasn’t been included in the app release. It should (probably?) display a screen as it is in the current version of the app.


@jonathan there are ~300 broken links on staging (I’ve shared complete list in email to you). Some can be like example links that should not work but some are really broken ones